The baddest stereotypes, ladies in heaven, and assault ain’t cool!

Sulli receives flak


I never knew opening up an Instagram account could be such a crime. Former f(x) member Sulli was bombarded with a boat load of hate comments on her newly-created Instagram from some negative nancy netizens. These netizens called her all sorts of vulgar names, told her to off herself, and some even said Sulli should just go and have kids early. Let’s hope Sulli will stay strong in this face of adversity and learn to brush all the hate off her shoulder. At the end of the day, the haters are not worth your time, so just keep doing you, Sulli.

…and so does CL


Sulli wasn’t the only one on the receiving end of flak this past week. 2NE1‘s CL, known for her bold, ‘baddest female’ image, was called out by netizens for her comments about Asian women. The rapper may have gotten a lot of love for her fierce outfit at the MTV VMA‘s; however, her remarks about Asian women didn’t sit too well with netizens, some of whom found CL’s commentary insensitive. The rapper had said in her interview with ‘Paper‘ magazine that Asian women are “obedient, timid, shy, quiet,” and that they “love being basic,” which offended a number of people. 

Netizen apologizes to Suho’s father


EXO Suho‘s father was the victim of some malicious rumors which had claimed that he was an advocate of the pro-Japanese movement. Suho’s father requested an investigation when the rumors started spreading. Unfortunately, the original source of the rumors had been difficult to locate as the netizen who bruited the rumors completely erased all traces and disappeared.

However, the netizen popped up once again recently to offer an apology for spreading the rumors about Suho’s father. At least the netizen gathered up the courage to come forward and take responsibility for his/her actions, so kudos to you. 

Gary’s ‘sex tape’


Leessang‘s Gary, in a sex video? Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. Neither could Gary’s acquaintances, who took a closer look at Gary’s so-called sex tape and discovered that the man in the video was merely someone who shared similar physical features as the rapper. The most prominent characteristic which led people to believe that the man in the video is Gary is the man’s village guardian tattoo. However, Gary’s guardian tattoo is situated on his right arm while the tattoo of the man in the video is on his left arm.

The leaking of this sex tape didn’t only affect Gary but it also impacted the lives of the people in the video and their family and friends. The husband of the woman in the video spoke up, saying his wife is the one suffering the most in this whole ordeal. Though the husband is distressed to no end, he resolved to stay by his wife’s side through this tribulation. 

Taeyeon cries


SONE‘s were right in their guesswork that Tiffany is indeed the good friend Taeyeon spilled tears over talking about on ‘Channel Girls’ Generation‘! Teary-eyed, Taeyeon professed that Tiffany is a friend she can’t live without, saying that a world without her friend would be “the same as happiness disappearing.” Aww, we hope Tiffany stays in your life forever and ever, Taeyeon! 

SM vs. Kris & Luhan cont.


This past September 2, SM and Kris waged legal warfare during the plea date at Seoul Central District Court. Legal reps from SM and Kris’s side presented their arguments, with Kris’s side arguing that his contract is invalid and SM’s side arguing that the contract is completely legal as it was written up based on the standards set by the Fair Trade Commission. It’s already looking like this legal battle will wage on for a while…

EunB anniversary


September 3 marked the one year anniversary of Ladies’ Code member EunB‘s tragic passing. To honor EunB’s memory, Polaris Entertainment uploaded a remake of Ladies’ Code’s “I’m Fine Thank You.” The song features singing from other Polaris artists; it is meant to be a eulogy to EunB and RiSe, both of whom now resting at a better place. Another tribute song will be shared this coming September 7 on RiSe’s anniversary. Fans miss you both dearly RiSe and EunB. Rest in peace. 

Rape isn’t cool


Maxim Korea‘s highly controversial September issue cover, which seemed to romanticize sexual assault, kidnap, and rape, has not only become an egregious topic domestically but also internationally. The cover of the September issue is graced by actor Kim Byung Ok, who is known for his villainous roles in films. In an attempt to pay homage to the actor’s on screen characters, ‘Maxim Korea’s editor, Lee Young Bi, had chosen a questionable concept that seemed to encompass undertones of rape and assault. The magazine even caught attention abroad, with ‘Huffington Post,’ ‘Jezebel,’ and ‘Life & Style‘ all writing up a story on this controversy. 

‘Maxim Korea,’ who clearly hadn’t thought the whole situation would blow up to such an extreme degree and upset so many people, offered an official apology for their crude choice of concept.

SONE’s get ready!


Have you heard the news? If you are a SONE, you probably have! Apparently, Taeyeon and Tiffany have been prepping for their first ever solo album release! Taeyeon, who have been so diligently working on her solo album, will be dropping her album come this October while Tiffany, who is still gathering songs for her album, is planning a release in November. Exciting news, huh? But wait! It doesn’t end there. Both Taeyeon and Tiffany are said to join Seohyun in TaeTiSeo‘s comeback in December! Too..much…GG…body can’t…handle…*explodes*

You tell ’em Stefanie Michova


Uh oh, here comes more Insta drama. Model Stefanie Michova, (some people may know her as Beenzino‘s girlfriend), told all her haters off on social media for overreacting to her appearance in Donghae and Eunhyuk‘s PV for “Let’s Get It On.” In response to all of the sudden, unsolicited hate, the model uploaded a message telling all the haters to “find love/purpose in your life.” Yas, girl, that’s how it’s done!

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